The Health Coach

The Health Coach

Kimberlee Ruzycki got a life changing wake-up call twelve years ago while living in Chicago. After seeking help for her symptoms, a common thread appeared in opinions from the medical community, with stress to blame for her stomach issues, her severe cystic acne, her low energy level.

She was after all feeling under pressure and working long hours in her role as marketing manager for a multi-national corporation.

Kim was feeling frustrated with the prescribed treatments, so she tried consulting with a naturopathic doctor. Shocked that a food sensitivity test came back off the charts for dairy, she was advised that it would probably be best if she never ate dairy again.

“I thought ‘My god I just ate a cheese pizza last night,’” says Kim. “I had no idea that dairy was having this effect on me!” 

Resolving to give up dairy for good, it wasn’t long before her stomach improved. Her energy levels popped back up, and within 6 months her face cleared up. 

I had my a-ha moment, and started doing a lot of research on food and nutrition. I ended up going plant-based, which I feel is the best diet for me, for my body. 


At the time, Kim felt there were not a lot of great plant-based recipes and as for milk, there was only soymilk.

She started creating her own recipes, and then blogging about them. Kim ultimately launched her website, to share her newfound knowledge to help people eat healthier. 

Kim was loving her new endeavor so much that she decided to leave her job and go back to school, studying to become a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

After moving back to her hometown of Hamilton, Kim founded Ancaster-based Picky Diet™. 

“I really like to work with clients on crowding out some foods that aren’t working for them,” says Kim. “And we fill them in with something better.” 

Kim takes a holistic approach, considering not only food and nutrition but other lifestyle factors affecting health including sleep, stress, physical activity, relationships, and career as she aims to help her clients find balance. Her practice is also collaborative, so should issues surface that are beyond her scope, Kim has the client follow-up with the appropriate expert or healthcare practitioner.

Making small, real changes is the best way to see results. If you just focus on the results you won’t get anywhere but if you focus on change, you will see the results.


The programs for all of Kim’s personal clients are custom made; there is no cookie cutter here.

Coming from a corporate background, Kim is perfectly placed to facilitate her Lunch & Learn workplace wellness programs. She also teaches plant-based cooking classes and interactive workshops in the community.

“I know how difficult it is to make changes, so when I hear someone say ‘I’m feeling so amazing since I worked with you’”, says Kim, “That’s the most rewarding part of my work; to think that I’ve helped someone a little bit in their life to feel better.”

Kim has also added to her repertoire by hosting new online plant-based foundations cooking classes and videos including breakfast, power bowls, salads, and summer BBQ.

To keep herself grounded, Kim practices yoga every day, and plays golf on occasion. 

In fact, she has been involved in competitive golf since she was 11, and when she went to university in Pennsylvania it was on a golf scholarship. 

“I’m less competitive nowadays, but I still love golf” says Kim. “it’s an enjoyable way to get out and be in nature and be with friends, just a step away from the business of every day.”

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